The Occheuteal Pedestrian Beach opens

Sihanoukville – A kilometer pedestrian beach along Occheutel is the new feature in town this month. Works to complete it began early year and now it changes the face of the most popular beach in town. Continue reading

Phnom Penh Riverside

Wat Ounalom in the Preah Sisowath Street as in the night.

If we have to start from a Point Zero in Phnom Penh, it is the riverside. Day or night it is busy and the proper Phnom Penh downtown. A recommendation to stay in the Cambodian capital is looking any hotel of that district and you have from back packers to five stars’ options. Another is to get a map of the city, since it is quit difficult to understand the city’s nomenclature plus it is easier to point out in a map the place you want to go to a moto-taxi, cycle or taxi than trying to explain it in English or any other language to your Cambodian driver. Continue reading

The VIP Sport

My vacations in Phnom Penh this month made me dedicate my time to some sport and I chose a the VIP Sport Club. It is not a too big area, but the enough to hold a great professional gym, a parking area, a boxing ring, a restaurant, a good pool, a tennis court and sauna and steam rooms. Continue reading

A trip proposal plan to Cambodia

If you come from any country of Europe, I would recommend you to take a flight to Bangkok. Then do not take the flight directly to Phnom Penh, but to Siem Reap Airport. Traveling back to your country, book your flight not from Siem Reap, but from Phnom Penh Airport. In this way, after visiting Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat sites, you go to Phnom Penh and visit the south of the country. Continue reading

Official advises to visit Cambodia

I think trip advises can be relative and, in many occasions, they fall in the perception of every traveler. If you have a great experience, you will give the best scores to the country and you will recommend it to everyone who will ask you about Cambodia. If you have a bad experience, and it is likely possible to have one, then you will by sure say to everybody who intends to visit the country that it is a best idea to go elsewhere than Cambodia. But advises from persons who live in the country or have visited it, have more value than assumptions. Most of the people have ideas about countries like Cambodia according to the level of information exposure they get from the media. If they read reports about Cambodia as its troublesome history, its human rights situations, its difficulties with child and women abuse and so on, it can affect greatly the intention of a tourist visit. How can we get a more objective picture of the country? Let us try something. Continue reading

Foreign tourism down, domestic up

1389943704_2ee32d0805The financial global crisis, the swine flu, the political instability in Thailand and the rainy season are changing tourist numbers in Cambodia, according to an article of the English Cambodian newspaper The Phnom Penh Post. Continue reading